Dr. Tori’s Favorite Free Web Tools for eLearning and Course Development

As the fall semester of classes approaches, the preparation of blended faculty training courses is underway. After almost two years as an instructional designer and adjunct faculty member for the Online and Professional Studies Division of California Baptist University, it’s been my experience that eight types of web tools are frequently used to develop learning content. Over the next few weeks, each new blog post will cover one type of tool needed for developing learning content and my favorite tool for that purpose. I’m hoping that instructional designers, teachers, professors, and corporate trainers that are new to eLearning and course design will find these tools easy to incorporate into their own professional web toolkit and that veterans in the field will lend their experience and web tool preferences to the conversation. With new web tools being introduced daily, sharing information is one of the best contributions colleagues can make for one another.

One of my first assignments as a new instructional designer was to develop training videos for faculty on the technologies that are available to them as they develop courses. These videos needed to be hosted on a server and it wasn’t practical to recommend that all faculty upload their instructional videos to the course management system. As a result we created a free YouTube account and uploaded all of our training videos to the site and encouraged our university professors to do the same. At the end of this post is an example of a training video I posted to YouTube. YouTube videos link and embed easily into the available CMSs on the market (see YouTube video below), including free CMSs like CourseSites. Today you can upload videos of almost any length on YouTube and it’s also a great source of content for courses. Once you create a free account on YouTube, you’ll find the resources provided on this page helpful.