Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA                          2004

Ph.D. in Education: Urban Educational Administration

Credential: Tier II School Administration

California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA                          2000

M.S. in Educational Administration

Credential: Tier I School Administration

California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA                          1992

M.S. in Counseling and Guidance

Credential: School Counseling

University of Redlands, Redlands, CA                                                    1990

Credential: Single Subject Clear in Home Economics

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA                         1988

B.S. in Home Economics: Foods in Business


Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) Lead Assessor, 8/2007

TPA Tasks 1-4 Assessor, 6/2006

Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development Certificate, 6/2006

Supplementary Subject Matter Authorization in English, 6/2006

Introductory Subject Matter Authorization in English, 4/2009



Education professional with over twenty years experience including:

  • Technology and faculty development mentor to university instructors developing interactive courses online.
  • Curriculum development and instructor for secondary and post secondary programs, including the development of an English language learner (ELL) workshop for intern teacher candidates
  • Program quality review including Coordinated Compliance Review (CCR), California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC), Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) accreditations
  • Staff development and evaluation


California Baptist University, Riverside, CA                                                                          11/2010 to Present

Instructional Designer & Adjunct Professor

  • Technology trainer

- Host webinars on Blackboard, WebEx, and web tools

- Create training materials on Blackboard, WebEx, and web tools

  • Faculty Development

- Supporting and instructing faculty as they develop interactive courses online using web 2.0 tools

Northcentral University, Prescott Valley, AZ                                                                                   12/2009 to Present

Faculty Mentor in School of Education

  • Dissertation Chair
  • Currently mentoring the following courses fully online:

- Developing Instructional Strategies and Curriculum

- Contemporary Issues in Education

- Foundations in Educational Change

- Concept Paper Research

- Doctoral Dissertation Research

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA                                                                   Wtr/Spr 2010

University Supervisor/Adjunct Professor

  • Multiple Subject Credential Program

- Supervising credential candidates in elementary school placements

- Teaching elementary methods courses in social science and language arts

Alta Loma Christian School, Alta Loma, CA                                                                                 10/2008 to 11/2010

Substitute Teacher

Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA                                                                                                    6/2002 to 8/2008

Associate Professor of Teacher Education/Single Subject Credential Program Site Coordinator

(Emphasis in Curriculum, Assessment, Methodology, and Diversity)      

  • Fulltime instructor of recent college graduates and career changers seeking teaching credentials for middle and high school programs, some of whom were traditional student teachers and intern teachers with district contracts

Courses Taught:

-          EDUC 300 Introduction to Teaching (K-12)

-          TEP 507/508 Clinical Experiences in Teaching (Grades 6-12)

-          TEP 527/528 Teaching Methods and Strategies (Grades 6-12)

-          TEP 547/548 Curriculum and Assessment (Grades 6-12)

-          EDUC 405/504 Diversity in the Classroom – an undergraduate writing intensive course (Grades 6-12)

-          TEP 578 A/B Supervision of Student Teachers and Intern Teachers (Grades 6-12)

-          TLP 4 Teaching and Learning (Claremont Graduate University) (K-12)

-          English Language Learner Workshop Facilitator (K-12)

  • Developed course syllabi, policies, learning outcomes, unit scope and sequence, lesson objectives, lesson plans, assessments, curriculum resources, technology and faith integration activities, with a focus on differentiated instruction, multiple measures of assessment, accommodations for special education students and English language learners
  • Assessed and modified credential program’s curriculum for faith integration and compliance with the CCTC, WASC and the NCATE standards, which included the development of a conceptual framework for the department and teacher candidate learner goals from which other curriculum mapping activities were derived
  • Evaluated Teacher Performance Assessments (TPA’s) of teacher candidates, a required assessment of CCTC for successful completion of the single subject teacher education program which assessed the teacher candidates ability to design instruction, use developmentally appropriate subject specific pedagogy, assess student learning, modify instruction for special education students and English language learners
  • Trained assessors to evaluate TPA’s
  • Reviewed admission file and interviewed program candidates, recommending full or provisional admittance
  • Program counselor/advisor to teacher candidates
  • Full/Part-time employment search committee member
  • Monitored students provisionally admitted into the program


Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA                                                              Summers 2000/2001/2006

Adjunct Professor of Education                                                                                              

  • Developed course syllabi, policies, learning outcomes, unit scope and sequence, lesson objectives, lesson plans, curriculum resources, and assessment activities for an original course on culturally relevant instruction
  • Guest speaker on culturally relevant instruction for all program students
  • Supervised student teachers during elementary classroom placement
  • Evaluated student teachers’ ability to manage a classroom, plan units of study, design daily lesson, establish goals, identify learning objectives, assess student progress, modify instruction for special education students and English language learners
  • Held weekly seminars to debrief on topics related to clinical practice such as culturally relevant instruction, developmentally appropriate pedagogy, assessments, and differentiated instruction


Pomona Unified School District, Pomona, CA                                                                                  9/1999 to 6/2002

High School Counselor – Ganesha High School

  • Provided academic and college advising to individual students based on transcripts, test scores, interests, personal profiles; also developed classroom and small group presentations on the college admissions process and requirements
  • Wrote the first school profile for colleges; wrote letters of recommendation for college admissions and scholarship applications; published and disseminated a weekly newsletter of scholarship, contests and financial aid information
  • Promoted college night, college open houses, college visits, parent information meetings, PSAT, SAT, ACT and AP testing information in concert with the school career center
  • Proctored state testing exams and district proficiency exams
  • Attended CSU, UC, NAICU and College Board counselor conferences and training
  • Qualified students to attend, and escorted students to, community college, state and private college visits
  • Counseled students who had committed minor infractions to school policy such as tardiness and minor behavior problems
  • Assembled Student Intervention Team, consisting of educational and other professionals for the purpose of resolving student academic or behavioral problems


Elementary Assistant Principal/Summer School Principal – Kingsley Elementary School (K-5)

  • Designed and implemented the elementary school reward and acknowledgement activities including spirit and academic assemblies, requesting gift certificates from local businesses, and ordering prizes
  • Disciplined elementary students in violation of school or classroom policies
  • Hired and supervised campus safety staff
  • Reviewed and counseled certificated teaching faculty on classroom management, lesson presentation, and developmentally appropriate pedagogy
  • Responsible for daily operations of opening and closing school, summer school lunch program, teacher duty schedules, incentive and discipline activities
  • Managed implementation of the district designated curriculum for the summer reading intervention program by certificated teaching faculty


Fremont High School, LAUSD, Los Angeles, CA                                                                               1/1999 to 6/1999

High School Counselor on Special Assignment – Special Education Coordinator

  • Responsible for insuring that Special Education students have a current IEP giving them access to the regular core curriculum, which included establishing goals, objectives, assessment measures; identifying academic challenges and appropriate resources to alleviate academic challenges
  • Managed clerical support responsible for IEP meeting notification, parent contacts and scheduling, scheduling of community liaison home visits
  • Coordinated the scheduling of interdisciplinary professionals in preparation for tri-annual and annual Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings customized for each student which could include school psychologist, school nurse, general education teacher, special education teacher, non-public school representative, administrator, counselor, community therapist


Long Beach Unified School District, Long Beach, CA                                                 9/1990 to 12/1998

Middle School Counselor – Marshall Middle School & Franklin Middle School

  • Established a district middle school student leadership program that involved coordinating the annual leadership conference, coordinating community partnerships that provided transportation and other funding for conference activities for middle school students; trained high school ASB students to facilitate middle school workshops; managed conference registration and accounts payable
  • Responsible for designing the master schedule, inputting the master schedule into the computer system, managing the school-wide testing program, crisis and small group counseling, and action research as it pertained to the success of counseling programs
    • Developed and taught peer counseling and student leadership electives

Middle School Teacher

  • Developed 12 week elective course in home economics, career guidance, and parenting


Ontario/Montclair School District, Ontario, CA                                                                                9/1988 to 6/1990

Elementary Teacher

  • Managed elementary classrooms in grades 3-5, including bilingual classes and combination classes
  • Planned units of study, daily lesson, goals, objectives, assessments, modifications for special education students and English language learners



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